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We can condition all the water in your home, literally transforming your water into great tasting, great smelling, clean water that is great for your skin, your hair and your home.


Locally owned and operated by Julie Guimond, Sensible Water Solutions has been open for business since 2012.  Julie has been in the water industry since 2005 and is a member of the Water Quality Association, Florida Rural Water Association, Georgia Rural Water Association, American Water Works Association and Florida Water Quality Association.  Julie graduated from Florida State University in 1997 with a BS in Medical Sciences with a concentration in chemistry.  One of her favorite phrases is “Follow the Chemistry.”  “Water treatment is all about understanding the chemistry of water and what the actual needs of the client are according to the water test results.  We test the TDS, Hardness, pH, and Total Chlorine in our appointments on city water.  The cities are doing an amazing job with the guidelines and budgets they are given.  Most cities are well within EPA guidelines so you have safe drinking water.  But those guidelines provide that the cities use chlorine or chloramine in the outgoing lines to ensure that you have no disease causing germs in it as it travels through the pipes and to your home.  Our systems take that chlorine out right before it enters your home along with any disinfectant bi-products, volatile organic chemicals and scale causing agents.  Your water is fresh, clean, soft and tastes great.”


Won Best Water Treatment Company in Flagler 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Won Best of the Best for Flagler and Volusia in 2019 and 2020.

Live better with better water

Sensible Water Solutions

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We make sure our systems perform at their best by starting out with the highest quality carbon and resin we can get. Performance is one of the keys to our success and we take it very seriously.


We offer a 5 Year ALL Labor/ ALL Parts Guarantee. Ask us for details No small print!


We use Clack Corp to build our systems because they have one of the best warranties in the industry and they stand behind it. Our valves are second to none.

Customer Service

We take customer service very seriously and have dedicated service techs to assist you whether you have an annual service agreement, a quick question or need to schedule an annual tuneup.


Don't want to lug salt around? Want to get a tuneup every 3 months. Try out our annual service agreement. We bring all the salt, we check the programming, we run a cleaner twice a year and so much more. Call us for details.